Saturday, January 26, 2008

Jockey's Cap

With summer well and truly on its way one of the Tigridia pavonia (Jockey's Cap or Tiger Flower) has put up its first flower. The flowers only survive one day, but it should put up a few in succession. Native to Mexico, according to the literature (ABC's Gardening Australia Flora) it is "surprisingly hardy" for a zone 9 plant. This bulb is definitely in the "tick" box for survivability and beauty. Apologies for the photograph: I am neither a professional photographer, nor a professional gardener. I am, however, thrilled when a plant comes up!


Crafty Gardener said...

I grew some tigridia for the first time last year. I had to dig and store them for the winter so I'm hoping they will grow again this year.

kate said...

The Tigridia is lovely - I think you did a great job on the photography.

I am glad that I found your blog - while we are suffering through long, cold wintery months, we can enjoy your garden vicariously.

Mad Man Bamboo said...

Beautiful flower, btw the picture turned out great.